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New Subliminal Formula Update on YouTube

I have produced original and powerful subliminals that penetrates both your conscious and subconscious mind with calming ASMR mus… Read more

Subliminal FAQ › Most Searched Questions

What are Subliminals? Subliminal is any piece of information which we receive without us consciously perceiving it. This inform… Read more

Shift Reality - Shift To Your Desire Reality (DR) Powerful Affirmations

For Subliminal FAQ GO HERE Read more

Stevie Wonder - ?? The Story Of The Mouse In The Classroom

In the 1950s, a little black boy wanted nothing more than to be recognized and respected by his classmates, but he had one major … Read more

How Much Is A Person Worth?

A teacher wanted to teach his students an important lesson for their life. He took a 100 euro note and asked his students: "… Read more

Jordan Anderson - Letter From A Slave - Allmqf

Jordan Anderson is sold as a slave at the age of seven or eight. Inhuman living conditions shape his everyday life on a plantat… Read more

Peety - The Overweight Dog (A Motivational Story) - Allmqf

Eric O'Grey is 70 pounds overweight and depressed. He hardly manages to walk 100 meters at a time and the simplest things mak… Read more

How Do You Deal With Pain, Grandma?

I hope this story motivates someone today. ′′ Grandma, how do you deal with pain? ” ′′ With your hands, my love. If you do i… Read more

51 Original New Year Wishes And Quotes To Welcome 2021!

Today the time has come: New Year 2021 has started and with New Year we have left the old year behind us. The longed-for new begi… Read more

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