‘Magic of speed’: Netizens can’t stop watching this 10 years old school boy’s trick with stones

‘Magic of speed’: Netizens can’t stop watching this 10 years old school boy’s trick with stones

The reel posted by Instagram user @sahil.aazam, has collectively over 80 million views so and lots of people are sharing reaction videos to it on Instagram as well.
little schoolboy with magic of speed

When it comes to magic tricks, be it in real life or on the internet, the fascination of netizens is incomparable. Whether pure illusion or sleight of hand, the baffling nature of the act often leaves viewers in wonder. Now millions are watching a simple trick by a 10-year-old student to comprehend what is happening.

In an Instagram video, students can be seen gathered around the table of a little schoolboy performing a magic trick with two little stones. First, he shows the audience a black stone in each of his hands, and then he turns his hands on the table. Nonetheless, when he lifts one of the hands, the stone is nowhere to be seen. He then proceeds to lift the other hand to reveal both stones hidden underneath.

While his friends cheer and applaud, he does the trick one more time at the request of the person filming it, once again enchanting everyone with his skills.

Posted on Instagram by @sahil.aazam, the Reel has over 80 million views so far and many are sharing reaction videos on it as well.

Click the Link to watch the magic video below:


Because the video caused quite a stir online, many admitted to watching the video multiple times to see how he pulled it off. A few in the comments concluded that they had come close to decoding, but admitted they couldn't copy his speed, calling it "It's magic of speed".

Many who appreciated the boy's talent wanted to know more about him and asked for a tutorial because they want more magic tricks from the little champ.


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