How Much Is A Person Worth?

How Much Is A Person Worth?

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A teacher wanted to teach his students an important lesson for their life. He took a 100 euro note and asked his students: "Who would like this 100 euro note?" Immediately all hands went up.

He crumpled the bill into a ball. He asked again: "Who still wants the 100 euros?" All hands went up again.

Now the teacher dropped the bill on the floor. He trampled on it and wiped the soles of his shoes on the bill. Then he picked up the completely soiled and crumpled up note and asked: ?? “ And who still wants this 100 euro note?” ?? This time, too, all hands went up.

At the end, the teacher said: ?? “Whatever happened to this banknote, you always wanted it because it never lost its value. It is very easy to see from this. No matter what happens to you in life, whether you are marginalized, dragged through the mud or you just feel useless, you will never lose your worth. Each of you is valuable, please never forget that ?? "

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