Did You Know Facts About Water That Only Few People Know

Did You Know Facts About Water That Only Few People Know

Did you know that ... water is a fascinating element that always creates exciting stories? For this week we have collected 10 exciting, surprising, and sometimes even crazy facts about water. 

did you know facts about water only few people know

Did you know that…

 … 6000 liters of water are used for a fast-food menu consisting of burgers, fries, and soft drinks? About 140 liters of water are needed for a cup of coffee. It takes 15,000 liters to produce one kilo of beef. In comparison, a tomato plant only needs 50 liters of water to grow one kilogram of fruit.

 ... you are not allowed to drink sparkling water in space? Because conventional mineral water bottles are not allowed in space stations. For one thing, their weight would be much too great. On the other hand, because of the large openings in the bottles, the liquid would escape after the closure was unscrewed and could no longer be captured. Vessels with liquids that are taken on board a space station therefore only have a small hole instead of a classic closure. In free space just opening the bottle would cause problems. If you open it too quickly, almost the entire contents will shoot out, because the carbonic acid will escape immediately.

 … water doesn't go bad in principle? Most importantly, it does not become harmful to health. In the past, water didn't even have a best-before date because it was assumed to have an unlimited shelf life. It now has an expiry date, as it is mandatory for all food today and because PET packaging is not as suitable for carbonated water as glass bottles. Because over time you let the carbon dioxide escape.

4 ... only just under a fifth of the world's population lives in households that are connected to water pipes? Many people in the world have only 10 liters of water or less available per day. This amount of water is needed in western households to flush the toilet once.

5 … most of the water in the world is not used in households? Agriculture uses around 70% of the water.

6 … if you turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, you save about 15 liters of water? And a dripping tap wastes around 5000 liters of water a year. Therefore, one should always be careful to repair taps that are dripping.

7 … industry needs a lot of water? Around 20,000 liters of water are needed to produce a car, 18 liters for one kilo of steel, and almost three liters for a sheet of paper.

8  … water is the only chemical compound that naturally occurs in all three aggregate states? Liquid as water, solid as ice, and gaseous as steam.

9  … using a dishwasher saves much more water than washing it by hand? However, this requires an energy-saving and fully stocked dishwasher.

10  … a full bathtub holds around 140 liters of water? You only need about a third of it when showering. And if you turn off the tap while soaping and shampooing, you can save half the water again.

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