Jordan Anderson - Letter From A Slave - Allmqf

Jordan Anderson - Letter From A Slave - Allmqf

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Jordan Anderson is sold as a slave at the age of seven or eight. Inhuman living conditions shape his everyday life on a plantation. Physical and psychological torture accompany him in a prison from which there is no escape. When he was freed after more than 30 years, he started a family and lived a life of freedom. After a short time, Jordan receives a letter from his former owner. He desperately asks him to come back to him in order to bring his plantation back into shape. The reply from Jordan reached the public on August 22, 1865, and became a media sensation. He gives the oppressed slaves a voice. The past is not there to be forgotten - it is there to learn from it.

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The letter in a slightly abbreviated form:

To my former master, Col. PH Anderson, Big Spring, Tennessee


I received your letter and I was delighted to learn that you have not forgotten Jordan and that you want me to come back and live with you again - and that you promise to treat me better than anyone else would. I worried about you a lot, I thought you might have been hanged for finding the rebels who were hiding in your house.

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Although you shot me twice, sir, before I left you, I hoped you weren't sorry.

I would be very interested in what this bright future that you promise me will look like. I'm doing pretty well here, getting $ 25 a month plus food and clothing. I have a comfortable home for Mandy and the children - Milly, Jane and Grundy go to school and are hardworking. We are treated well.

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Sometimes we hear others say, “Down in Tennessee, those colored slaves were slaves.” It hurts the kids like that, but I tell them it was no shame it was the property of Colonel Anderson of Tennessee. Many negroes would be as proud as I was then to be able to call you their master. So if you told me what wages you are going to pay me, it would be easier for me to decide whether it would be to my advantage to return.

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As for my freedom, which you promise me, everything is clear on this point. I received my release certificate back in 1864 from the General of the Nashville Department. My wife says she is afraid to return without evidence that you will treat us justly and kindly.

We have agreed to test your sincerity by asking you to send us our wages for the time we have worked for you. This will forgive us old bills and make us forget and trust in your future integrity.

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I have served you faithfully for 32 years and my wife for 20 years. At $ 25 a month for me and $ 2 a week for my wife, our earnings would be $ 11,680. Please add the interest for the time our wages were withheld. And subtract what you spent on our clothes and the four visits to the doctor.

Please send the money by check to our attorney V. Winter in Dayton, Ohio. If you do not reward us for our services in the past, we cannot trust your promises for the future. We trust that the Lord our Creator opened your eyes to the past injustice when you let us toil for 30 years. Certainly, the day of reckoning will come for those who cheat a worker out of his wages.

If you answer this letter, please also write whether my daughters can think they are safe and whether there are now schools for colored children in your area? My greatest wish in life now is to give my children a good education so that they can lead a virtuous life.

Say hello to George Carter and thank him for taking the gun away from you when you shot me.

Your ex-servant,


Jordan Anderson - Letter From A Slave - Allmqf


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