Peety - The Overweight Dog (A Motivational Story) - Allmqf

Peety - The Overweight Dog (A Motivational Story) - Allmqf

Eric O'Grey is 70 pounds overweight and depressed. He hardly manages to walk 100 meters at a time and the simplest things make him breathless.

Peety, the overweight dog - allmqf

In addition to physical complaints, there is also mental suffering. He lives isolated from society, has no friends, and has not had a relationship with a woman for years. Shame and uptight determine his life; he cannot escape from this plight. 

When diabetes was diagnosed after a failed diet, the doctors gave him only a few years to live. Eric is waiting to die: how did it come to this? No, he doesn't want to put up with that. A doctor gives him surprising advice: "Go to the shelter and adopt a dog!"

Eric: "I needed something that will force me to go outside" 

Eric can't stop being amazed. What should he do with a dog if he doesn't even get his life right? Since the doctor sticks to her idea, Eric lets himself be persuaded - what does he have to lose? He drives to the shelter and starts looking. Suddenly Peety is sitting in front of him, a middle-aged and overweight dog that visitors ignore. Virtually a reflection of Eric O'Grey!

The adoption is fast and Eric takes the dog home with him. He feels that there is a deep bond between him and the dog. There is skepticism because neither of them knows exactly what to do with each other. After a few days, the ice broke. Peety jumps into Eric's bed lays her head on his chest and looks at him with trusting eyes. For dogs, Eric is the greatest person on the planet! From now on, both are one heart and one soul.

dog walk. Motivational story allmqf
Eric follows the doctor's instructions and goes for a walk with Peety every day. It is also difficult for the dog because he has to carry far too much mass. But they stick together and support each other. A whole new world opens up for Eric. In the parks, he can not only enjoy nature but also socialize with other park visitors. Over time, the walks get longer and Eric feels better every week with a change in diet. Within a year, the two friends manage to lose their entire excess weight.

In addition, Eric's diabetes disappears, he no longer needs to take medication. And Peety is doing great too! Eric turns his life upside down and, thanks to Peety, manages to introduce discipline into his everyday life because he has to take responsibility.

Eric: “My life moved from the daily drudgery of physical misery to one of improved energy and mental clarity. We did it together, it was a miracle "

Eric's soul begins to recover. He joins a running group and makes new friends. Soon he becomes a well-trained athlete for whom running marathons is no longer a problem. Eric has never been so happy in his life!

The story takes a sad turn when Peety falls ill and the doctors cannot do anything for him. When Peety dies, the world collapses for Eric. He loses his soul mate and most important friend. It takes Eric several months to recover from this stroke of fate.

Eric: “I knew he was going to die. I lay on the ground with him and felt how life was leaving him"

At some point, life has to go on. Eric is certain that Peety was sent to him to make a fresh start - and he wants to continue that. He adopts a new dog with whom he works out together. Thanks to heightened self-confidence, Eric finds his dream woman and a short time later the wedding is celebrated. An incredible turnaround in his life!

Peety saved the life of Eric O'Grey. With unconditional love, they go through thick and thin and manage to get through the most difficult moments together. Eric will never forget Peety. A friendship between humans and dogs - because the most valuable gift one can give is trust.

Eric: "Peety made a different person out of me"

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