Stevie Wonder - ?? The Story Of The Mouse In The Classroom

Stevie Wonder - ?? The Story Of The Mouse In The Classroom

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In the 1950s, a little black boy wanted nothing more than to be recognized and respected by his classmates, but he had one major disadvantage because he was blind. Due to premature birth, he had to be placed in an incubator, and as the oxygen supply was not good, he became blind. His mother ran from doctor to doctor with him, but it was all in vain, the boy was supposed to remain blind.

One day, during class, I heard a small but unusual noise. A little mouse had wandered into the classroom and the children's excitement was perfect. The teacher knew that normal lessons were no longer possible because no child would be able to concentrate properly with a mouse in the classroom. And so all the children, including the teacher, took part in the mouse hunt, but without success because the mouse had hidden somewhere in a hiding place. There was only one hope left now to find the mouse.

The teacher looked at the little blind boy and told him that he had the best hearing in the class and that he could locate the mouse. And so every child in the class had to be as quiet as a mouse so that the little boy could concentrate on his task. And indeed the mouse could be located and captured by its fine hearing. For the first time in his life, the little boy received recognition and applause, and it was then that he realized that despite his disability, he had a special gift. Since that incident, the blind boy began to believe in himself and to see his handicap as an opportunity. His name was Stevie Wonder. 

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Stevie Wonder was a bright and happy child, despite his blindness he always wanted to try everything. He learned to ride a bike, climbed trees, or played with other children, but his greatest passion was music. From a young age, he mastered the piano, harmonica, and drums perfectly. Despite his blindness, he had an incredible musical talent, he not only played several musical instruments but also sang in a church choir and composed his own songs. But Stevie Wonder wanted more, he wanted to be a musician and make his music known to the public. And this was at a time when black people were often disadvantaged and not recognized, especially when they were disabled. Although many friends advised him against it because they wanted to save him from disappointment, Stevie Wonder applied to a record company. Nobody believed that he could be successful as a blind singer, only he believed in himself and in his talent.

The head of the record company, Berry Gordy, could hardly believe it when his advisors told him that a twelve-year-old blind man was standing at his door to apply to his company. Despite his negative attitude, he looked briefly at the blind boy, because after all, everyone deserved a chance. But what he heard a short time later was hard to imagine. Not only could this little blind boy play drums, piano, harmonica, and guitar, he also had an extremely talented voice. And so Stevie Wonder actually got his first recording contract, and this was the starting signal for an extraordinary music career. 

Stevie Wonder recorded his first records and soon made his international breakthrough thanks to his musical talent. From now on he worked hard on himself, he composed, played, and produced songs, and with incredible success. Stevie Wonder's songs were played all over the world and he soon rose to become one of the most sought-after musicians in the world. But not only his touching songs helped him to this fame, but also his big heart.

With his songs and lyrics, for example, he campaigned for equal rights for the black population and thus became a kind of mascot for the civil rights movement. His song? "I Just Called to Say I Love You" ?? he dedicated the long-time prison victim Nelson Mandela or the song "What Friends Are For“ ?? he sang for more solidarity in the fight against AIDS. At numerous benefit concerts, you didn't have to ask the talented musician to take part, and Stevie Wonder became an ambassador for peace for the United Nations.

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Stevie Wonder had a triple handicap because he was poor, black, and blind. In a time when many people with dark skin color were discriminated against, a little blind boy bravely resisted and despite all the difficulties always had the hope of becoming a great musician one day. This hope was fulfilled at a young age when Stevie Wonder was brave enough to apply to a record company as a blind boy. This was the starting shot for a unique success story, and Stevie Wonder received the most important awards and music prizes worldwide, such as the Grammy, the Oscar, and the Golden Globe. For his services to soul music, he was also made into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" recorded.

The starting point for this unique world career, however, was a little mouse that gave Stevie Wonder the confidence that he had a special gift through his sensitive hearing.

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