Happy Mother's Day Quotes To All Mothers - Allmqf

Happy Mother's Day Quotes To All Mothers - Allmqf

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Mother's Day is the ideal day to let all mothers know how special they are. Especially for this we have listed the most beautiful Mother's Day wishes for you.


To the dearest mother, a very nice one. And of course: mine!

Whether it's a smile or a tear. I know you will always be there for me.

Your role in my life is beyond words.

I won the grand prize with you as a mother!

I'm so sorry this happened to you, but you're awesome, dear mom. This too will pass... Here's a sweet hug from me!

They sometimes say: 'home is where the heart is', but home is where my mother is.

I hope I can become a smart, sweet, strong, and enterprising mother like you!

They call her 'a lottery ticket', that can only be about that mother of mine.

To care. You've done it for me all these years and I'm sure you still care about me. You are the best and I just want to let you know.


You do it beautifully alone, even though you have a lot of lovely people around you! You should be proud because it's a lot of work. So a big compliment and a sweet kiss!

You do it all just beautiful anyway... There is no one like you!

You make being a single mom look easy.

You are my mother, father, and best friend in one!

Even if the situation is different now, I still love you just as much. There is only one mother like you!

It's not called Mother's Day for nothing! You are a mother of extraordinary courage.

It will probably take some getting used to, but I will spoil you extra on Mother's Day.

What courage a mother must have to make the choices you have made. Enjoy your well-deserved Mother's Day.

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Double happiness with my two mothers!

You are really like a mother to me! That's why I'm so very happy with you.

You are one in a million, I appreciate and respect everything you do for me.

I never thought before that my future mother-in-law would become a friend, but now it is.

Sweet, a listening ear, enthusiastic, and always interested; you are the best mother-in-law!

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Grandma, you are always there for me, that makes me grateful and happy.

Grandma we really think you're great, did you know that? You are just a sweet baby!

Grandma, when mommy isn't around sometimes, your hugs and kisses make sure I don't miss her so much. Thank you for always being there for me and for your love.

Besides the best mother, also a superrrrr grandma!

You are not only the best mother, but also the sweetest grandmother to my children.

Babysitting, facetime, dressing up, crafting; there is only one granny like you!

Dear grandma, if there was a superhero grandma, it would be you!

Dear Grandma, the memories you give us are priceless.


Our friendship is very special, but being both mothers is truly a miracle!

Every day I see you grow as a mother. I am so proud of you dear friend. You are doing so well with your beautiful family.

You are my best friend and the best mom I know!

Now, in addition to my best friend, you are suddenly a new mother. How proud I am of you!

How do you do it all? I don't know, but I think you're a very good mother.

Motherhood is going through trial and error and I think you're doing a fantastic job.


A baby on the way, still tiny. Let this 1st Mother's Day be very special for you.

Your first pampering day. Your first breakfast-in-bed day. Your first hugging day. Your first nothing-must-everything-is-allowed-day. Today you can enjoy your very first mom's day!

Mother-to-be-day… does that exist? Yes for me! You deserve this pampering day.

I take your hormones for granted ;) Our mini-me is already our sweetheart.

Wow, so special to experience your first Mother's Day. Enjoy it and let yourself be pampered by your family.

Officially no mommy yet, but next year you'll get a big drool kiss and gibberish from goegoe gaga.

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