Hachiko - The Most Loyal Dog In The World - Allmqf

Hachiko - The Most Loyal Dog In The World - Allmqf


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Hachiko was born in Japan in 1923 and came to a family in Tokyo (Japan) when he was a little puppy. Hachiko belonged to the Japanese dog breed "Akita" and was a calm and good-natured dog. Due to his friendly nature, he was well received in the family and soon became a popular family member. But the dog had a particularly close bond with his master, the scientist Ueno Hidesaburo, and a deep friendship developed between the two. 

Ueno Hidesaburo was a professor at the university and had to take the train to his place of work every day. Hachiko knew the departure time and also the arrival time of his master very well. So every day in the afternoon he ran to the train station to happily greet his master again after his arrival. This repeated every day until May 21, 1925.

Hachiko was already back at the train station that afternoon. However, when people got off the train, his master was not with them. Hachiko spent the whole evening at the station, but there was no sign of his master. What he didn't know was that the professor had died of a stroke during a lecture. 

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The professor's widow then moved away from Tokyo and gave Hachiko over to relatives in the city. However, Hachiko ran away and continued to come to the station every afternoon to look for his master. He couldn't understand that the professor was dead and would never arrive at the station again. One of the professor's former gardeners, who lived near the train station, now took care of Hachiko.

Hachiko regularly returned to the professor's house, where he had such a happy time, but strangers lived here now. Day after day, Hachiko would sit at the train station and hopefully wait for his master to get off one of the trains. No matter how bad the weather was, in storms or in winter when temperatures were below zero, Hachiko always stayed on the station. Over the years, passers-by became aware of the dog, which with its sad look was always in its place at the station at the same time. 

The story behind Hachiko was discovered, and newspapers began to write much-publicized reports about the perpetually waiting dog. The humans felt sorry for Hachiko, but they couldn't really help him.

After almost 10 years of waiting in vain, Hachiko's time of suffering was over. Completely exhausted, he died in 1935 near the train station. Hachiko waited for his master to the last breath and until the end, nothing could destroy the dog's love and loyalty to his master.

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The longing for eternal loyalty and sincerity slumbers in many people. Exactly this loyalty Hachiko showed every day, he never forgot his dearest friend until his own death.

Hachiko became a celebrity in Japan for his unconditional loyalty, and a statue was erected in his honor at the train station. The station exit where Hachiko used to wait is officially called "Hachiko Exit" to this day.

The film is based on the true story: 
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Hachiko the movie image is from filmaffinity

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