The King's Secret Child

The King's Secret Child

Once upon a time, there was a king. There was great poverty in his city. The people of the city were bitter and dissatisfied and they feared their ruler.

Motivational story

One day the king had all the residents gathered in the town square to tell them something important. Tense and anxious, the people turned their gaze to the king and were curious about the important message.

The king said:

“I secretly brought a king's child among your children. Treat it well. Should I find out that something bad is happening to my child, I will hold the culprit accountable! "

Then the king returned to his castle. The townspeople feared the punishment because no one knew which was the king's child. So people started treating all the children in the city as if each and every one of them were the royal child.

Many years passed. The children became adults and had children of their own. The now old king watched the development in his city with satisfaction. The former poor and dirty city became a splendid city known far beyond the country's borders. There were hospitals, schools, a large library ...

The residents were satisfied and happy.

And why?

Because everyone in the city raised the children well and lovingly in the city. Since no one knew which child the king's child was, everyone in town was treated as if it were the king!

I hope this story motivates someone today.

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