40 Short Christmas sayings For Christmas Cards - Allmqf

40 Short Christmas sayings For Christmas Cards - Allmqf

Every year around Christmas time, in addition to the question of gifts, there is also the question of Christmas greetings. First of all, it must be clarified who should receive all the greetings and how. Because too quickly a message is simply forwarded to WhatsApp or a general Facebook entry is shared. But such impersonal messages rush past the recipient and leave a bland aftertaste. You should therefore take a little time to send Christmas greetings. In addition to personal words, addressing them directly, and choosing the right greetings are important.  

Short Christmas sayings For Christmas Cards

Depending on the addressee, the type of saying should be adapted. For work colleagues or the boss, a contemplative saying is more suitable than a thoughtful one. Both reflective and funny Christmas greetings are suitable for acquaintances and friends. However, you should make sure that the funny sayings stay within the framework, otherwise, the festival of love can turn quickly. 

For close friends and family, thoughtful or original greetings tailored to the recipient are welcome. In addition to the relationship with the recipient, their worldview and belief should also be taken into account. A devout Christian is sure to be happy about a contemplative Christmas saying related to faith. An atheist or a person of different faith will find such a Christmas greeting strange.

If the decision is made on a pre-formulated Christmas greeting, this should at least be supplemented by a personal dedication. This avoids the feeling of arbitrariness and mass mailing. The more personal the Christmas greeting, the better it sticks in the memory and triggers joy. Formulated Christmas greetings from the Internet or from old cards can provide inspiration for your own sayings. If you don't have that much creativity or time, you can adapt small details in the greetings to the new recipient. In this way, individual greetings can be created in a few minutes.

After choosing the right saying and making minor adjustments, the Christmas greeting must now go to the recipient. Nowadays that is done quickly. A few clicks and the greetings will be sent to your email box, Facebook, or your mobile phone. But is that also expedient? After all, the Christmas greeting should bring joy and not appear random. Instead, how about traditional Christmas cards that are sent by post in an old-fashioned way. Such handwritten greetings are a real sign of appreciation, especially for close friends and family. 

However, you have to pay attention to the timely dispatch so that the Christmas greetings do not arrive at the turn of the year. It is faster and more reliable to send the Christmas greetings by email. Here the greetings can be personalized with a small Christmas letter or a photo. If the same greeting is sent to several recipients, it should be ensured that the personal address is adapted so that it is not visible to the recipient. 

If the Christmas greetings are presented personally, there is a lot of leeway in the form. How about short Christmas sayings that hang on small fir branches for your colleagues? Or little Christmas greetings in the middle of cookies for the family?How about short Christmas sayings that hang on small fir branches for your colleagues? Or little Christmas greetings in the middle of cookies for the family?How about short Christmas sayings that hang on small fir branches for your colleagues? Or little Christmas greetings in the middle of cookies for the family?

Have a look at 40 short Christmas sayings that you can use below:

A warm and happy home,
a small glass of wine,
a juicy roast goose - with warm candlelight,
a cornucopia full of satisfaction
makes for a nice and wonderful Christmas season.
At the hour of the thousand bright lights, they
shine warm and beautiful,
they conjure a smile on the faces
and in the eyes of the children who see them.
Christmas is
the most beautiful time of the year
Church bells ring so far and wide,
with the candlelight also at home
I wish peace should be on earth.
Right now
the Christmas candles are shining again,
they awaken joy in all hearts.
I'm looking forward to the warm children's laughter
and a few days, cozy and quiet.
Giving others a little joy,
too, that's what I want.
Oh, you nice Christmas time.
It's time for lovely affection and a tender feeling,
only outside it stays really cold and cool.
Warm candlelight and the sweet scent of apples,
that's it - Christmas is in the air.
The Christmas stars shine brightly in the firmament,
bells ringing from the church in the distance.
Hearts become soft and wide.
It's Christmas time again.
Delicious roasts sizzle in the oven,
the children can hardly wait to
unwrap the presents. I wish you this Christmas season
full of fragrance and secrecy
Light an Advent candle,
think very hard about Santa Claus,
invite nice friends over
and let the hurry be.
Suddenly everything looks festive,
it shines brightly in the whole house.
The windows, they are colorfully decorated,
Christmas delights the human heart.
Christmas, now it's that time again,
I too have presents ready.
No matter what we did during the year,
on Christmas Eve I'll show you that we love each other.
I like the sound of bells from near and far at Christmas.
Contemplative songs and candlelight,
not only get me in the mood for Christmas.
Christmas is only once a year,
in our hearts, we should carry the message
throughout the year.
Not only then should there be peace on earth,
all people could become happier.
Loud laughter became very quiet,
the time of reflection came in this way,
loud laughter will come again next year,
in Mardi Gras then in February!
The Christmas season is not so sad, think
of a contemplative smile that is always allowed.
An angel, sad, his eyes completely blind,
howl himself to the Christ child.
"Crazy! Because all the beautiful candles
in my eyes hurt. "
The Christ Child laughs and gives the advice
“wear sunglasses from now on!
What flashes and hurts your eyes
are not candles - this is LED! "
I decorate the quietest time of the year for you,
even if only small and invisible.
You never see me, but you feel me,
your little Christmas angel thinks of you.
What is knocking on the door?
Is it Santa Claus?
Come on, let's see
who that could be!
It's just our neighbor,
He asks for an egg,
Wants to bake Christmas cookies,
What a fine treat!
Look at the sky,
it's snowing so nicely.
A sleigh up there,
can you see it?
Santa Claus, are you,
already on your journey?
Bring us the gifts,
come down to us!
Santa's reindeer, there are
nine in number,
only one of them,
has a special mark.
Rudolph his name,
his nose all red,
brings us presents
and fine fruit bread.
Shout and look forward to the Holy Night,
which gives so much joy to all of us!
At the end of the year, at the sensual time,
Forget your worries, sorrow, sorrow!
Games, gifts, delicacies,
lying under the tree.
The bright and bright Christmas,
a wonderful dream.
Candlelight and the smell of cinnamon fill the whole house.
Christmas is not far away, cats and mice know that too.
Fir branches and glittering jewelry, how beautiful this time is.
We don't have to wait long, then it will soon be time.
Bells ring softly and brightly,
ringing through the snow-covered valley,
it gets soft and warm in the heart,
our hall shimmers.
Ox and donkey, pig and lamb
gather in the dark stable.
In the firmament the bright star
brings light and hope everywhere.
Christmas is not far away.
The house is filled with serenity.
The children sing in anticipation.
What will the Christ Child bring us?
Our room is warmly heated,
we sit comfortably in a circle, 
can you hear the Christ Child coming?
Psst, be really quiet for once!
Do you hear it ringing in the distance?
The sound of a bell and the sound of silver.
The time of waiting is over,
Christmas joy is everywhere!
Temperatures around zero degrees
Christmas is approaching quickly. It will be
quiet and contemplative.
Santa Claus is coming soon
Despite the cold, wet, and snow on the Tann`. In the
morning Santa Claus comes
with presents and gifts.
They happily accept young and old
The Christmas night a
a lot of joy brings
peace and contemplation
and yet full of serenity
The scent of gingerbread and cinnamon takes
us on the journey
Every year for Christmas
we celebrate in unity
Also this year we wish each other
health, happiness, and blessings
on all our journeys
Packed with gifts Piggyback
the sack
When he walks through the door and gate
we recite songs to him
With poems and the like
we want to reach his heart
For Santa Claus, it is only important that
our wishes are sincere
Songs buzz through the air
Oranges give off their scent.
Laughter sounds so bright and delicateEveryone
returns home at Christmas
The family sits close together
Everyone steals a few free hours
To celebrate and talk together Everyone is gripped by the
festival of love
Every year at this cold time
we celebrate the Trinity
Jesus Christ is born today
Without him, we would be lost.
So we praise and praise
His life and that of all people today
Gingerbread, oranges, cinnamon, and nuts
Gifts, wishes, songs, and kisses We carry
all of this and many more gifts
here at Christmas
We commemorate the birth of the child of God
Give ourselves gifts quickly.
In addition to contemplation, calm, and contemplation, there is
also happiness and serenity
Snow weighs heavily on the fir tree
The sled comes along quickly It
is fully loaded with presents
There are good deeds for the year
On Christmas night we measure
what we sometimes forget
Peace and charity are at the fore
Let Christmas be an incentive for us
Church bells sound
praying and singing songs
Sun is approaching the Christmas
Gave us once Eintracht
Today we commemorate
the birth of Christ here
every year this day marks
on which everything was full of hope
The hoarfrost shines, snow covers the field
Flakes dance through this peaceful world
Everything shines white and the lights flash
behind the window panes, People wave-like
this Christmas is in our minds and hearts
That can't get over the reality
So let's enjoy the time together. See you
next Family reunions are still a long way off
Lots of candles, a decorated tree
Christmas scent fills every room.
Stollen, gingerbread, and delicious things make
Christmas so special
But the really special thing is
that you are with me today.
Christmas is also the festival of love
and not just gifts and customs

We hope that we have met your personal taste with our small selection of contemplative short Christmas sayings and would be very happy if you would give one or the other of your loved ones the best in the course of the festive season. We wish you and your family a wonderfully successful Christmas with lots of love, beautiful gifts, and, above all, a quiet and contemplative time in which you can look back on the past year and recharge your batteries for the coming year.

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